Still a Non-Believer

I’ve never been a big fan of Apple products (with the possible exception of the Apple ][e).

I bought an iPhone with the idea of writing a game for fun and prophet and then found I needed to own a Mac product. Bah humbug.

Everyone told me that if I bought a Mac that I would love it and switch to it full time. I have had one of the ultra-sleek, MacBook Air’s for a month now (and an iPad as of last week thanks to Martin and Omaya)… but, still I feel nothing. Yes, the hardware is pretty (solid-state drive, etc) and I can appreciate the design, but I heart the software, heart the development tools, and I heart the corporate mentality. The one “good thing” is that I can at least write applications for Apple platforms, now. Too bad I heart Objective-C, too.


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