Apple: You SUCK!

The iPad: I use the heck out of it, but aside from the form factor, there is not much else I like about it. It does not have a memory expansion slot, it cannot play most of the movie codecs I use, it does not have a camera, it has mono sound, etc. Now the iPad 2 has come out. Sure, it has a camera, but… is it any good? It still has no memory card slot and is still gimped by Apple’s restrictive software licensing. In short: Aside from the form factor and sleek design there is nothing compelling about the iPad / iPad 2. There is no application for the iPad that I could do without or find on another platform.

… and enter stage left: The Samsung Galaxy 10.1. This looks like a tablet that could kick the crap out of the iPad / iPad 2. It has everything I would want from a tablet: 10.1″ display, thin (thinner than the iPad 2), good battery, stereo sound, 8MP / 2MP cameras capable of recording 1080p video, support for a language other than Objective-C, a micro-SD memory slot, and equivalent CPU horsepower when compared to the iPad 2.

So what does Apple do? Does it push itself to come up with something better (like an iPad 3)? No, it f’ing sues Samsung! I haven’t liked you, Apple; Not for a very, very long time. This move just proves (again) how big of a douchebag company you really are. Samsung had a very quick turnaround from their first Galaxy tablet to this new incarnation. Apple should stop bitching, suck it up, and move on. After all, Apple, if you go back far enough in history (1989), you’ll find the GridPad which was–ironically enough–manufactured by Samsung… and two years before your Newton came on the scene. Bitches!


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