Big Oil Advertising

I get my daily news by listening to streaming media at work and I have noticed a media blitz by Big Oil. It is of course all feel-good advertising. BP trying to convince us that the Gulf of Mexico is all back to normal (unlikely) and then Shell telling us about how great ‘fracking’ for natural gas is for the environment (evidence also would suggest otherwise).

I fully realize that Big Oil has made a ton of money in recent years and they are facing the possibility of having some of their funding cut at the national level. (I don’t think that killing subsidies = a tax increase btw). So yes, I suspect that the oil companies are on a media blitz, but what I find annoying is that the media outlets I subscribe are okay with letting them monopolize their medium (*cough* MSNBC).

p.s. Oh, today it’s Goldman Sachs!  They are perhaps my least favorite company!  I’m not sure which is worse (Oil or Goldman Sachs?)


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