Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Launch

Today is the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. I had been waiting for this, but my expectations were apparently set by rumors of a MicroSD slot, HDMI, and an 8MP camera (none of which turned out to be real… THANKS CNET). The actual product delivered apparently has a USB port that can be used to interface an SD card and the Front/Rear cameras are only 2/3MP respectively. Still, it does have a dual core processor and runs something other than iOS which for me is a plus. But now that it hasn’t lived up to the hype touted by very early reviewers I am no longer sure I want to buy one.

Oh, also, Apple has added to its lawsuit to include this latest device. How sad.

UPDATE: I went to a store to look at the Galaxy Tab on launch day and unfortunately I was not impressed enough to buy it.  I actually spent more time looking at a unit built by Acer Iconia
since it had a better camera, MicroSD Card, and a USB port (also $50 cheaper than the Samsung base model).  The Acer is a bit bulkier and the screen texture was a little odd, but it seemed a lot more usable.


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