Attack on Norway

I just heard about the attack(s) in Norway a little bit ago and I am a bit peeved.

There has been some speculation that it is somehow related to the Dutch cartoons published a few years back and if that’s the case, they went after the wrong country!  There is no justification for an attack such as this, though.  If it was over a cartoon, then would-be terrorists should respond in kind: with cartoons!  Terrorism will never give you the results you are after, it will just incite more violence… against you and your cause.  I will have no sympathy if the masterminds of such an attack are tracked down and dealt with severely.  They brought it on themselves and nobody should tolerate this kind of behavior.

UPDATE: The local police in this situation are now reporting that the suspect they have in custody is a 32-year old Norwegian national of Scandinavian origins.  WTF?  Norway now has their own Timothy McVeigh.


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