Dating at 37

Dinner and a boat rideWith my divorce now over six months behind me (not to mention the three year separation before that), I’ve finally taken the proverbial plunge back into the dating scene. It has taken a while to get to this point: My divorce took a very long time and I did not want to meet someone while that was still going on and while still technically married.

Now at age 37, I am trying to decide what is ultimately important to me in a long-term relationship.  I have been married, I’ve bought a house, I have a wonderful daughter, Kristin, whom I love more than anything, so most of my childhood ideals have been met.  Friends have asked me if I am now opposed to the idea of getting married.  While I believe my divorce was uglier than most, I don’t think that it has tarnished the institution of marriage so much that I would avoid it in the future.  In fact, I would very much like to be married again, but I plan to be a lot pickier the second (dare I say final) time around.

Dinner and a boat rideI have been out with several wonderful women so far and I’ve made a few new friends in the process, but my search remains on-going.  I can usually find at least one attractive quality in every woman, but the question is how many qualities should I be looking for?  What should they be?  A woman I went out with this last weekend asked me what I am looking for, but I did not have an answer.  I suppose I should make a list of bare minimums.  I know that a good percentage of humanity has been faced by this daunting challenge before.  If anyone has any good suggestions on how to evaluate potential spouses please feel free to post a comment or email me!


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