Death Star Contract Expires

August 2011 is here and that means that my mobile contract with AT&T has been fulfilled. I originally bought an iPhone thinking that I would write software for it, but in turns out I needed a Mac for that, which I did not initially have. Now I have a MacBook, but I lost any inclination to write code for Apple devices (Objective-C and Cocoa are insanely crappy IMO). Something like 0.3% programmers used Object-C not even 10 years ago. I am not sure what the adoption rate is now, but Apple is effectively forcing any would-be developer to take a giant step backwards and personally I am not going to do that. If it is true that the Mono platform has been accepted on to the iOS hardware then I might take another look. If however it turns out to be a wrapper around Objective-C and Cocoa they can forget about it.

But back to my initial statement. My contract is up and I am looking to change carriers once again. Should I go back to Verizon (now the largest wireless network) or go back to my very first provider (Sprint with their unlimited unlimited plan). I really want the new Galaxy S II phone, but I believe every carrier on the planet will have their own branded version so maybe a switch will not be required.


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