Amazing Weather!

I just got back to work after a 5-day “staycation” and I could not have asked for better weather! The long weekend was a mixed bag, though. I went fishing for the first time in a looooong time and I even caught something I could cook for dinner! I had jury duty, but thankfully there were no cases to be heard and we all got to go home (apparently there was a phone number I could have called to find this out ahead of time, but most of us didn’t realize that). I tackled and finished a couple of plumbing projects around the house: Fixed three breaks in the sprinkler system and a broken sink trap in the basement (I heart plumbing).The unfortunate things were that I did not get to see or talk to Kristin all weekend and I broke my main pair of glasses. I sometimes fall asleep with them on and have to bend them back in shape in the morning. I guess that bending them back in shape too many times finally took its toll.
I also managed to finish up my weekend project: A custom invoice generator. It uses .NET web services to talk to a home office, collect data, and collate it into invoices using Word automation.

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