First POST!

After slaving away for a couple of weeks, my fledgling .NET-based browser has performed it’s first search on Google:

            WebBrowser browser = new WebBrowser();

            browser.EnableCLR = false;
            browser.EnableDebug = false;
            browser.EnableJavascript = true;
            browser.Timeout = 15000;
            browser.Agent = UserAgent.Firefox9();

                "headless browser");

I had completed the basic Level 3 DOM implementation in the first weekend and I thought I was nearly done then, but have come to realize just how much goes into a browser. O-M-G! So far, I have:

  • Basic DOM Level 3 support
  • Basic HTML Level 2 support (most of HTML 4.01 and some HTML 5).
  • Some CSS / CSS2 / CSS3 support (including most CSS3 selectors)
  • Basic JavaScript support. I still have to comb over the DOM to see what features are missing. I just added localStorage and sessionStorage today, which I had not seen until some script blew up after not finding it).
  • Basic DOM events and HTML events (DOMDocumentLoaded, load/onload, click/onclick, etc)

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