Three (FIVE?!) Year Update (Abridged)

Technology has changed quickly in the last 10 years and blogging is no longer en vogue (people don’t have the attention span for it).  I share more on Facebook than anywhere else and just in short blurbs.  I have been meaning to come back and re-write my blog but still haven’t gotten around to it.  So what’s been going on in my life? Here’s the brief summary:

  • Met and married a wonderful woman!
  • My wife and I had a baby girl!  I know have two+* amazing daughters and two impressive step-sons.
  • Traveling with the family when possible!
  • I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders!  I have never been so involved in politics.  I was crushed when he didn’t win the nomination.

There are quite a few things I have *not* made progress on, though.  My social network is still nowhere close to being done.  I’ve been working on this damn thing since 2006.  The ugly divorce years set it back but now that I’m through that I don’t have any other excuses (well, aside from being a full-time dad again;-).  I’ve also added a life goal of buying a blue water, ocean-going sailboat and to sail around the world (I just have to sell my wife on it).

Hope you are well, readers!  (Hi, Melmo!)


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